The Ultimate Luggage Storage Guide in Venice

Discover the Best Luggage Storage Options for Your Travel Needs and Say Hello to Stress-Free Traveling

luggage storage venice

Say goodbye to the hassle of dragging your bags around, and hello to stress-free traveling. Our tips and inside knowledge will help you navigate the city’s best storage options. From short-term luggage storage to long-term solutions, we’ve got you covered.

To fully experience the city without dragging your luggage, we highly recommend using a storage service. Luggage storage is the perfect solution for you, as it will give you the opportunity to keep your belongings while you take advantage of every minute you’ve got in the city. If you are wondering which is the best check out the chart below.

Prices fromfrom €0.95/hour or €7.9/24h€5/24h€5.90/24h
InsuranceUp to €3000$10k Up to $1000
Number of stores+5+15+5
Size LimitationsNoNoNo
Flexible arrivalYesNoNo

Visiting Venice?

Venice, one of the most iconic cities in Italy, is also famous for its rich cultural heritage and historic landmarks. The city is home to an impressive collection of museums, art galleries, and architectural masterpieces that date back centuries.

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As you probably already know, Venice is the ‘City of Canals’. It is often considered one of Europe’s most unique and romantic cities, built over 118 islands separated by 150 canals. Besides this, there are many other things Venice is famous for. These are its beautiful bridges, gondola rides, atmospheric streets, and carnival celebrations. There are no cars in Venice as they are strictly forbidden. 

Venice is also widely recognized for its vibrant art scene, which has been influenced by some of history’s greatest artists. Several world-class museums are located in the city, including the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which houses an impressive collection of modern art by artists such as Picasso, Dali, and Pollock.

Venice is famous for its delicious cuisine, which features a unique blend of Italian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern flavors. Seafood specialties such as squid ink pasta, fried calamari, and seafood risotto are among the must-try dishes in Venice.

Some facts about Venice

1 – The city of Venice has its own dialect, called Venetian, which is distinct from standard Italian.

2 – The Bridge of Sighs, which connects the Doge’s Palace to the prison, was so named because it was said that prisoners would sigh as they crossed it, knowing that they were leaving behind the beauty of Venice for their grim fate.

3 – Venice has more than 450 palaces, most of which were built during the Renaissance period.

4 – Despite being a city on the water, Venice does not have a single beach. The nearest beaches are located on the Lido, a narrow strip of land that separates the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea.

5 – Venetian cuisine is known for its delicious sweets and desserts, such as tiramisu, zabaglione, and fritelle (fried pastries).

But what is Luggage storage?

Luggage storage is a storage facility where luggage can be left. These facilities can be found in main tourist points of cities such as airports, train, and bus stations. Pricing for luggage storage facilities can vary depending on time, place, and provider.

  Luggage storage is the term used internationally when referring to storing luggage. It is the same thing as left luggage, the only difference is that left luggage as a term is mainly used in the UK. They are both defined by people’s need to store luggage that can be collected at a later time.

Some smaller luggage storage services

luggage storage venice
ERJXE6 Gondolas in Venice lagoon after the storm, Italia

Venice Luggage Storage

Has two locations. One is at Piazzale Roma, at Rio Terà Sant’Andrea, 460, and the other one at Sam Marco – Piscina de Frezzaria, 1657.

Stow Your Bags

Has three locations near Rialto Bridge, at Calle de l’Orso 5512 A, 30124, near Venice Train Station St. Lucia, at Calle dello Spezier 193, 30100, and near St. Mark’s Basilica at San Marco, 315, 30124.

The Golden Luggage

Is located at Fondamenta Santa Chiara, 516, 30135.

Other most visited luggage storage areas in Venice

Venice Central Station

Venezia Santa Lucia Railway Station is Venice’s central train station. It is close to the city center, which makes it the easiest and most comfortable way of traveling to other cities in Italy. As one of the largest train stations in Italy, it has many tracks, so it is possible to get lost and miss your train. For this reason, it might be a good idea to arrive at least half an hour earlier.

Doge’s Palace

It is an impressive structure composed of layers of building elements and ornamentation, from the 14th and 15th centuries which makes it a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. The rooms inside are with ornate ceilings and fireplaces. They contain a picture collection with spectacular paintings.

St. Mark’s Basilica

The church is also known as ‘the Golden Church’. It holds the relics of Saint Mark the Evangelist, the patron saint of the city. It is famous for its beautiful golden mosaic.

LuggageHero is our recommended luggage storage service in Venice

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Store your luggage and don’t think about it anymore

There are no restrictions on the size of your luggage, whether it’s a backpack, a trolley, or sports equipment. Also, remember that LuggageHero is the only luggage storage service that offers hourly and daily rates for maximum flexibility!

Are you staying more than one day? Don’t worry! 

Your luggage can be stored for multiple days and you don’t need to know when you’ll be picking up luggage. LuggageHero got you covered, right after your first 24 hours of storage, they charge only €5 per additional day! 

Use the official LuggageHero app to store your bags anywhere around the city!

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